Drop through a hole in the floor of the upper level (accessed through the Garden of Silence). By now I’m sure you’re all playing IGA’s glorious return to the 2D gaming scene with Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. At the end of the room to the left of the right-most Save Room. Drop off the ledge next to the Coachman and walk to the right to find an iron maiden blocking your way. Push the box to the right to climb up to the upper-platform. 1 Effect 2 Availability While active, Miriam can jump while in mid-air by pressing the Jump button again. But I did get stuck once I picked up the double jump ability and decided to head back to the beginning of the game. Stuck trying to get across the double jump section on the ship in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night? In the middle of the room above the blood fountain. Before leaving, jump above the doorway and then jump across the wooden platforms to the left to reach this. The next room is the Galleon Minerva’s Gun Deck. This sea-demon is utilize tentacles to take down enemies along with projectiles. Immediately above the upper-left Save Room. This will allow you to reach this item and pull a lever to open the door nearby, creating a shortcut. More Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Wiki. Craftwork required to progress to this area. Grab both. Left is where you need to go to progress the story (into Galleon Minerva: Gun Deck 3), but down features a number of goodies we should grab first. Galleon Minerva Double back and jump up to reach Galleon Minerva: Upper Deck 2. Equip the Familiar: Carabosse (gained from defeating Carabosse enemies) and play the piano to completion for an achievement. Ride with the Coachman to the right side of the garden. Access the upper left of the room with the rotunda through the room on the left. The only available direction you can go here is down. Here you will see a number of Cannons alongside the introduction of a new enemy type the Morte. The roof will collapse and you'll land on it. This will earn you the Shard Binder Achievement/Trophy. Go down and into the Galleon Minerva: Hull. Above the Coachman. Must jump off of broken pole swinging in room to the right to reach this room. In the second large area with a bridge, Invert to reach the ceiling and head east. Go to the chest and open it to get the following items: These items can be equipped via your Equipment screen. Two rooms left of the lower Save Room. Yep, that section on the ship that you couldn’t get across originally is now open to you. On the floor near the right side. In the first room with chandeliers, climb up to the ledge above where you entered. Craftwork required to progress to this room. Not to worry as we'll show you exactly how to make it across. Under the left side of the bridge in the second large bridge room. Go to the room where the statue falls through the ceiling to shed light on the Entrance. Use a fire based spell to ignite the cannon and blast it open. Give him a Waystone to get 1,000 XP. With the Flashing Air Kick technique (“hadouken”) the top right room can be reached early. On the left side of the room four spaces left of the Teleportation Room. Will make 10 of whatever the seed produces. Bloodstained Ritual of the Night starts the player on a ship headed for a demon infested castle. Inside the second Galleon Minerva Gun Deck you can go either left or right. Reach it by sliding under a wall in the lower-right corner of the room two spaces left of the Teleportation Room. The Morte is a lesser Demon with low HP (see enemy info here). To help you through it, here is our Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Galleon Minerva guide. Middle of the room. This door leads to a Secret Boss. You’ll get a basic version of every type of weapon and your first few Shards. Don’t jump up, instead go left, defeat the Dullahammer and trigger the cannon. It also teaches you that there are rooms you won’t be able to reach in every area on your first visit. There's a hole at the bottom of the fountain, but you can't pass through it without first using Blood Steal on the fountain. In the room immediately below the right Save Room. From there, go through the door on the left. In the room with the coachman, go through the doorway just above where you first enter from. This ability can be aimed by holding the left mouse button then pressing the middle mouse button. After you make this jump you will reach a chest containing the Pirate Hat. Johannes speaks to you then requests that you gear up using items from the green chest to his right.


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