", "Chewing up bots in murderous routes, it's last two fights have been complete knockouts. Bite Force took advantage by hitting it again. HEXBUG BattleBots Remote Control Bite Force - Electronic RC Robot Toy for Kids Product Description Fight Your Way to Victory With HEXBUG BattleBots! Bite Force finished off Whiplash near the screws and Whiplash was counted out, giving Bite Force its 2nd win of the event. Bite Force was unable to move as Necrosis' claw had punctured Bite Force's receiver. Bite Force started the match off aggressively by attacking Monsoon and throwing them into the air. Wenn Sie sich nicht auf ein offizielles BattleBots Event, Show oder Produkt beziehen, verwenden Sie unseren Namen bitte nicht. Now it's the star with the bar. These magnets, however, had little effect on the floor of the BattleBox. It's BITE FORCE! End Game's weapon had stopped working so it was unable to self-right and was counted out, allowing Bite Force to improve its record. The match was paused to ensure Mohawk wasn't stuck under the arena barrier. Makes some noise for BITE FORCE! Teena Liu, Jeremiah Jinno, Cory McBride, Travis Covington, Rob Masek, Paul: “I won $500,000 from NASA for building a robot called “Moonraker” to dig moon dirt, while still a student at WPI.”, Robot info Builder info Robot: Axe Backwards Builder: Kurt Durjan Type: Drum spinner Job: Execute the vision. Unlike its real life counterpart, who won 3 championships, Bite Force hasn't had much success and in fact it is currently winless. Any appearances by Bite Force in merchandise are listed below: Battlebots Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Monsoon was counted out, giving Bite Force the win by KO. Terms & Conditions However, Bite Force started to get the upper hand as they were now causing damage to Minotaur, tearing off the left side rail. Team: APTYX Designs. As this was happening, Mohawk's sealed gasket, which was covering its crushing arm, was causing propane to congregate inside the bot (igniting twice) and it stopped moving entirely. If it's a shark, you're the chum. Both times Bite Force was the 3rd seed, it won the championship. Luckily, both managed to separate and Bite Force delivered another hit that damaged Yeti's wheel. It's Robot Fighting Time! Witch Doctor started to have some mobility issues so Bite Force attacked them again, this time sending them upside down against the arena barrier. It shows no remorse. Bite Force then took off the left rear tire, leaving Whiplash with little offense due to the now slanted nature of its driving ability. Time ran out and despite Bite Force's control for much of the match, the judges awarded Chomp the victory, ending Bite Force's reign as champion and eliminating it from the competition. Bite Force strikes and disables Witch doctor's srimech and flips it over one last time. Bite Force opted for its wedgelet configuration with two longer wedgelets in the middle. The other being. Witch Doctor and Wrecks (Exhibition Rumble), "Here to devour the competition, this is BITE FORCE! Bite Force got Lock-Jaw under the pulverizer where Lock-Jaw struggled to escape but eventually just managed to do so. Before the match began, Team Raptor modified Ghost Raptor with a small attachment to its forks which was designed to get in between Bite Force's tracks and rip them off. It's BITE FORCE! This is the version that Paul wanted to build for Season 1, but he didn't because he thought that there were too many robots with spinning weapons. Bite Force was able to avoid Warhead's dome by skillfully using its rear wedge and pushing it around the BattleBox, eventually maneuvering it into the screws and pulverizer. Bite Force rips off the wedge of Hypershock. Bite Force. It's BITE FORCE! With over 500 easy snap-together pieces, you can get one step closer to becoming a BattleBots engineer! ", "This vicious beast doesn't even think it's in a competition! Lock-Jaw continued to fight, even as it was beginning to smoke and emit sparks from inside, so Bite Force threw them into the air again. Bite Force then flipped Ghost Raptor against the screws, which caused one of the wheels to fall out of Ghost Raptor. Bite Force heavily resembles its real life counterpart, with a vertical spinner and two "horns" beside it to allow for invertibility. E-mail: store(at)battlebots(dot)com. The next match up for Bite Force was the 2016 runner-up Bombshell. Sponsors: Formlabs Karma Machining & Manufacturing MadeBySloan Special Metal Fabricating Favorite robot: GLaDOS Website: MBSrobotics.com facebook.com/MBSrobotics instagram.com/MBSrobotics Interesting fact: Basilisk likes to selfie…, Robot info Builder info Robot: Battle Royale With Cheese Builder: Miles Pekala Type: Bar spinner (horizontal) Job: Robotics Engineer Team: Poor Life Choices Miles Pekala, Jen Herchenroeder, Jordan Bunker, Lindsay Oliver, Jim Burke, Charles Wittington, Brice Farrell, Jeremy Ashinghurst, Angela Rothbaum Years competing: 1 year Hometown: Oakland, CA Favorite tool: Welder/Plasma Cutter Sponsors: Digikey Imgur…, Robot info Builder info Robot: Blacksmith Builder: Al Kindle Type: Hammer Job: Electro-Mechanical Technician Team: Half Fast Astronaut Al Kindle, Alan Young, John Wolan, James Iocca Years competing: 23 years Hometown: Edison, NJ Favorite tool: Band Saw Sponsors: Nuclear Blast Records NPC Robotics Kloeckner Metals Maxamps.com jetprecision.com Favorite robot: Maximillian Website: facebook.com/teamhfa twitter.com/blacksmithbot instagram.com/blacksmithbattlebot Interesting…, Robot info Builder info Robot: Bombshell Builder: Michael Jeffries Type: Disc spinner (vertical) Job: Research Technologist Team: Chaos Corps Michael Jeffries, Julie Simancek, Brandon Davis, Matthew Carroll, Brittany Carroll, Dan Hammer, Jason Brown, Jamie Price, Chris Williamson, Randy Farmer Years competing: 100+ years combined experience Hometown: Atlanta, GA Favorite tool: Angle Grinder, for any situation…, Robot info Builder info Robot: Bronco Builder: Reason Bradley, Alexander Rose Type: Launcher Job: Driver, co-driver Team: Inertia Labs Reason Bradley, Alexander Rose, Christopher Daniel, Scoutt Balchowsky Years competing: 22 years Hometown: Sausalito, CA Favorite tool: Pirahna Ironworker Sponsors: Vex Robotics Autodesk Ninja Paintball Stompump Favorite robot: Rat Thing from the novel ‘Snow Crash’ Website:…, Robot info Builder info Robot: Brutus Builder: Adam Bercu Type: Disc spinner (vertical) Job: Entrepreneur Team: Team Brutus Adam Bercu, Amanda Fowler, Luis Rosende, Ben Striegal Years competing: 15 years Hometown: Somerville, CA Favorite tool: TIG welder Sponsors: Autodesk FLIR Equals Zero Designs NPC Robotics Favorite robot: Marvin the paranoid android Website: facebook.com/brutusbattlebot Interesting fact:…, Terms & Conditions Despite this win, Bite Force was not chosen to compete in the championship battle and thus was eliminated from the event. Bite Force pushing Tombstone in the finals. Wenn Sie sich nicht auf ein offizielles BattleBots Event, Show oder Produkt beziehen, verwenden Sie unseren Namen bitte nicht. Minotaur was counted out, giving Bite Force the win by KO and the giant nut trophy for the second time. Mohawk was being counted out around the driver's booth and Bite Force won the match by KO at 1:36. Despite this, Bite Force dominated the match, getting a decent lift. Icewave then stopped moving not long after and was counted out, giving Bite Force the win by KO. After taking out Shaman, Bite Force turned to hit Wrecks multiple times, causing smoke to pour out of Wrecks. It pushed it under the pulverizer, which destroyed Ghost Raptor's head and rear, and it then gave Ghost Raptor a piercing blow in it's rear end with an arena spike, which made a hole. Afrix won a 16-0 judges decision and Bite Force lost overall and was eliminated from the Desperado Tournament. Bite Force originally tried to attack Necrosis, bit wasn't able to get under and was quickly grabbed by the British crusher.


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