It’s because they know you’ll need it to get through your meal. I love Hardee's hand battered fried chicken strips. There is a reason their sauces are 2 oz. Or who has the best fried chicken strips, tenders, fingers, nuggets, etc. As a bonus-- served with white gravy and sweet rolls! Looking for smart ways to get more from life? KFC? They are the embodiment of what a tender should be. They were impressed by the food quality "behind the scenes." The best fast food chicken around in my opinion. Wo wo wo, why are yall talking about nuggets? I live in Arkansas by the way. It’s truly great to be a chicken tender fan in fast-food country. Make chicken that requires a sauce, ration out that sauce sparingly, profit big time. I just check this page for best chicken strips and since Wendy's was around the corner less than 1/2 mile I figured to try them. This cockiness was on full display last week when a tender bracket surfaced on Twitter, setting the Internet aflame. , but their tenders bring shame to an otherwise stellar franchise. Their marinade keeps the poultry moist so you don’t need to keep a drink or sauce nearby. Actual chicken when you break a piece open-love the slightly crunchy texture. Delicious- best chicken so far that I have tried. Their fries and biscuits are legendary, and the spicy tenders are juicy and bomb. A tendie should stand on its own because sometimes you’ll run out of a dipping sauce, and that scenario shouldn’t have you contemplating throwing the un-sauced portions in the garbage. They were they worst chicken I every should had drove the extra 1/4 to KFC since they were rated better. My friend's father owns a local Sonic, so every time we have a party he brings Sonic chicken. We are interested in the truth. My sons worked there as teenagers. I would place Jack in the Box right behind DQ. One day, we’ll need to have a discussion about how Long John Silver’s is one of the most underrated fast-food restaurants to ever exist. LOVE IT! Here’s to hoping we see Waffle Chicken Fries as a permanent menu staple. Two words: Chicken Plank. Also, all for some spicy sprinkle, you won't be disappointed. Would be number 1 or 2 if it wasn't just a regional restaurant. While KFC’s invention of the Mashed Potato Bowl changed the entire concept of what fast food could be, and their innovations in the field of poultry buns should be lauded, their tenders are typically dry. Chick-Fil-A is F'ing nasty. The chicken tastes so fresh. They should remove Wendy's from list. Best Fast Food Chicken Tenders and Nuggets, Ranked - Thrillist The Ol’ Colonel’s secret eleven herbs (ft. spices) recipe never translated well over to tenders. Anyone who has had Guthrie's knows what I'm talking about. Both versions—the seasoned Supremes and the mild Homestyle—come out too dry. It hurts our clogged heart to put Bojangles' here because they produce the superior chicken biscuit, but their tenders bring shame to an otherwise stellar franchise. There is a reason their sauces are 2 oz. Popeyes is what Church’s Chicken could be if Church’s moved out of its parents’ basement. No competition on chicken tenders. There are no less than 500 imitation recipes for it on the World Wide Web. Because of this, they are largely, and intentionally, under-seasoned. The old chicken selects were the bomb! The skinnier strips also create an incredible crunch that does not require a sauce to enjoy, especially if you order the spicy variant—which, if you didn’t, congratulations on being police. I love their honey mustard sauce they give with them. Good company. maybe not that last one, but trust us, for the measly price of one dollar this is maybe the best budget chicken sandwich out there right now. Zaxby’s Chicken Fingerz™ are the only ones on this list that are slightly greasy, which should, you know, be a staple of fried food. Now that. High quality chicken, with an amazing flavor! This is not a place you find in most towns which is probably why it's not on top of the list! It hurts our clogged heart to put Bojangles' here because they. Subscriber ), it proves that everyone buys into the myth that their favorite chicken spot is the best chicken spot. It is so yummy especially for a fast food resturaunt! The reason they belong on this list is that tempura batter, designed for seafood but adapts to poultry with grace and finesse. To me, they're the most tender and always juicy, plus, I find them to be the least greasy of any of the other ff restaurants in central North Carolina. Chicken Express has the best chicken strips, gravy and fried okra, ever! So crispy and tender in all the right places, Crunchy and still moist inside great tasting and great texture. These chicken tenders are amazing! Account active Also not covered up with a ton of spices so all you taste is delicious tender chicken. The spice they use reminds me of my grandmother’s cooking. Though maybe not the superior form of golden bird, The Tender™ is one of the most convenient. Airy, crispy, the batter insulates their Chicken Plank like a culinary FUPA. Best Fast Food Chicken Strips What are the best fast food, over the counter style fried chicken places. I pass by 3 such restaurants to get my fix of Hardee's hand battered fried chicken strips. KFC is way too greasy and soggy around my area. Their marinade keeps the poultry moist so you don’t need to keep a drink or sauce nearby. But, for background, KFC used to have the Extra Crispy™ Strips, then replaced them with the Original Recipe® Strips. Plump juicy chicken pieces, you get a lot for your money. Plus their fries and bread are amazing! Popeyes' tenders can be enjoyed solo, and we would argue dipping them actually mars it.Popeyes' marinade and its patented Louisiana spices work in tandem to bring actual taste to its mild offering, though the spicy version is really the de facto choice.


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