The Hollywood Quartet is only now being recognized once again as one of the great American ensembles. I now have several new sets to check out! Hearing their Beethoven, I readily believe that. And no, it appears that the first cycle was never re-released on CD. It never made it onto CD then, huh?Best,Jens, jfl--I don't know the exact recording dates of the earlier Cleveland cycle, but the LP sets were first released in 1979, 1980 and 1983. Mono. I am not very fond of what the Alcans/Saguenays do in op.127, but opp.132 and 135 are very fine. 1-6 when he was around 27-30 years of age, nos. Venues were Kingsway Hall, London; St. John's, Smith Square, London; Rosslyn Hill Chapel, Hampstead; and St. Barnabas Church, London. Bach, Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin, G. von der Goltz, Pärt, Music for Violin, V. Mullova, Estonian National SO, P. Järvi, Beethoven, Symphony No. A sense of rawness is pervasive... and it almost sounds historically informed-informed (that is: not the thing itself, but aware of it), but then executed with modern helter-skelter means. There are also dynamic contrasts that are characteristic of Beethoven’s symphonies. They have been perceived as signposts pointing back to Haydn and Mozart and forward to Wagner, Mahler and Webern; as a summa of technical exploration, and as the ultimate expression of Beethoven's songfulness and emotionality. Here is the Wihan Quartet's second contribution to LvB@4. Romanian contribution; recorded at the Toscanasaal-Residenz, in Würzburg. Yet he remained an optimist — by all accounts, a man of deep generosity and warmth, who infused his most human qualities into his music. "It is a platitude to say that his range of expression is Shakespearean; so it is, but he has a commitment to humanity that Shakespeare does not reveal. It is missing two movements from op.18/5 to be truly complete and was only partially re-issued on Columbia Masterwork Heritage. See the article in its original context from. The Miro Quartet currently lack only Op. Take a listen and you’ll see that his string quartets are easily the most intimate of his works. His valet recorded that the bedroom door blew open and every window in the house rattled. As of September 2017, it includes 63 different cycles (one incomplete, one that may not be finished, and another soon to be finished) spanning 70 decades of recording history. Canada's latest contribution. A superb Steinway B (?) Still, its recordings, made for the Hollywood Capitol company, were prized, and none more so than this set, from 1957. Thanks much, Mark, for the tip on the Gabrieli/Aeolian on Decca. Here's the Amazon link:, Mark. This symphony, completed in 1804, changed the musical world and is perhaps Beethoven’s defining work. This is the stereo re-make of the Hungarians' Beethoven cycle, but somehow it has been neglected on CD, appearing only on French EMI with any regularity. Unless I'm mistaken, Sony has just released the mono Budapest cycle mentioned above as Budapest 1. Unlike the Budapest Quartet, the Hungarians were actually mostly Hungarians - founded by Sándor Végh (who was no longer a member by these recordings were made, as he left in 1940 to found the Végh Quartet; his replacement, Moszkowsky, was Russian). The most recently released of these sets is that of America's Cleveland Quartet, which completes its traversal of the complete Beethoven quartets. Or, well, some time this week. These albums (one of which was awarded the 2002 GRAMMY for best chamber music recording) have received numerous awards and are highly praised. 33 (Russian) 2 Joseph Haydn String Quartet 1781 Play. March 30, 2020 at 10:00 am . I adore the ensemble in their earlier recordings of Shostakovich [Shostakovich String Quartet Cycle Survey forthcoming! So I am especially grateful if I have sets that I have missed are pointed out to me. There was an earlier attempt at recording a Beethoven Cycle with the Juilliard Quartet between 1959 and 1963, but perhaps not a very concertated effort.


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