Students note down the difficult words while reading newspaper which really benefit them in their assignments as well. The point of reading isn't to make sounds in your brain or out loud, but rather, to understand important lessons, stories and arguments. (Peter Lutzker). At the elementary level, this ability to transfer builds a foundation of understanding and independence that will serve young students well as they mature and progress. People of all ages who read fluently are more likely to read independently, and the benefits of reading independently extend far beyond academic success. The students should read because of many reading benefits like: 1. This results in a kind of personal intertextuality, where the patterns form and re-form as we read more different books. The effect on self-esteem and motivation of reading one’s first book in the foreign language is undeniable. Furthermore, the books we read outside our narrow professional field can have an unpredictable effect on our practice within it. And it is highly individual. Aliterates, people who have the ability to read but choose not to, miss just as much as those who cannot read at all. But when they enter school, it is not long before they can and must use reading skills and strategies to learn all about the world around them in every subject and content area. Richard Day has provided a list of key characteristics of ER (Day 2002). They can visualise and interpret what they read in their own way. For most students, the ability to read is foundational to a successful education. Top subjects are Literature, Social Sciences, and History. Strengthens reading & writing skills. First, from a young age, it promotes cognitive developement. We do not remove articles regardless of the date of publication, as many, but not all, of our earlier articles may still have important relevance to some of our visitors. So reading copiously seems to benefit all language skills, not just reading. Kroll, Barbara (ed) (2003) Exploring the Dynamics of Second Language Writing. From my experience, they younger a person starts to read, the better they will be at not only reading, but thinking in general when they are older. In almost every state, language arts standards related to reading and writing informational-text genres now appear at kindergarten and extend through the high school level. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann. Students come to the classroom with a variety of abilities and learning styles. Beyond that, you understand what new words mean because you use context clues. A big part of knowing how to spell and knowing what words mean is by memorizing them. track Online, Master of Education in Elementary Education, Intercultural Development Research Association, MC online M.Ed. This educational function of ER cannot be emphasised enough. Here are some benefits of reading newspaper for students: 1. It is this that fuels the compulsion to read the next Harry Potter. ‘What is the secret of extensive reading?’, Prowse, P.  (2002)  ‘Top ten principles for teaching extensive reading: a response.’ Reading in a Foreign Language. The National School Board Association (NSBA) gathered data supporting the conclusion that adults with low reading skills are more likely to experience poor health, be unemployed, or, if employed, earn much less than those with high reading skills. The ‘non-reader’ issue will not go away but it is too important to deal with here and needs a separate article. Home » Degrees » Education » Master of Education » Master of Education in Elementary Education » Importance of Reading for Elementary Students. Hoey, Michael  (2005)  Lexical Priming. What are the benefits of extensive reading? Please evaluate my answer to this question:  What are your expections from your teacher? nothing else. In my experience, reading reduces stress and anxiety. (see references for websites) And there is the indispensable annotated bibliography,, Extensive reading develops learner autonomy. Extensive reading extends, consolidates and sustains vocabulary growth. Extensive reading creates and sustains motivation to read more, The virtuous circle - success leading to success - ensures that, as we read successfully in the foreign language, so we are encouraged to read more. Reading purposes focus on: pleasure, information and general understanding. ER opens windows on the world seen through different eyes. This gives us a rich mental yeast which we can use to interact with others, while still retaining our individual take on the texts and the world. Atwell, Nancie. Articles that appear on this website are for information purposes only. Educational Leadership – Curriculum & Inst. For the worst readers, those who could not master even the basic skills by third grade, the rate is nearly six times greater.”. 41. Requirements that teachers address these standards at every level have made educators more aware of their importance.”, Reading and comprehension skills in math class have become an area of particular concern. As we saw, the research on language learner reading shows how extensive reading feeds into improvements in all areas of language competence. London: Routledge. Reading is the most readily available form of comprehensible input, especially in places where there is hardly any contact with the target language. 4  (2,) 59-77. In this, the first of two articles for TeachingEnglish, Alan Maley considers the benefits extensive reading can bring to English language learners and teachers. What activities would you employ to foster a love for reading in your students? Unfortunately, the NSBA also reports that “adults with the lowest literacy skills are the least likely to engage their own children in activities that promote literacy development, such as reading to them or playing rhyming games.”, A national study commissioned by the U.S. Department of Education states, “Voluntary reading involves personal choice, reading widely from a variety of sources, and choosing what one reads. For our own sanity we need to read outside the language teaching ghetto. Exactly how this happens is still not understood (Kroll 2003) but the fact that it happens is well-documented (Hafiz and Tudor 1989) Common sense would indicate that as we meet more language, more often, through reading, our language acquisition mechanism is primed to produce it in writing or speech when it is needed. Reading newspaper daily enhances the vocabulary of the students. Regular wide reading can add zest and pleasure to our own use of the language. When I conducted an inquiry among teachers worldwide, the answers came down to these: d) ER not linked to the syllabus and the examination. Extensive reading helps teachers to be better informed, both about their profession and about the world. Some of the most famous people in history have taught themselves using books because they did not have the access to the education they needed.


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