But accidents are still happening – so what do we do next? This free survey report aims to look at how companies are addressing the variable aspects of heat stress programs, such as dealing with indoor versus outdoor work, how they handle personal protective equipment (PPE), and how heat stress fits into the whole of their safety program. Develop a communications plan with marketing/ communications, HR, Learning & Development personnel (as relevant to your organisation). Updated Daily. The major objective of behaviour-based safety is to replace the unconscious unsafe behaviour that has come from months / years of unchallenged behaviours with unconscious, or automatic, safe behaviour — or safe habits. Why this is being introduced i.e. It is said that approximately 70% of what we do in a typical day is completed on automatic pilot or by ingrained habits. Health & Safety for Managers and Supervisors, Health & Safety Representatives and Committees, IOSH Principles of Safety Management in Health Care, 5 Tips to Reduce Emotional Stress in the Workplace, COVID-19 Risk Assessment – Free Planning Questionnaire and Guidance, 5 Steps Towards Developing Effective Safety Procedures at Work, I agree that my submitted data is being collected and stored in accordance with our, Engaging with the workforce to find out why they did this, and dangers they perceived, Showed them evidence of near misses where people narrowly escaped being hit by a vehicle, Provided briefings, toolbox talks, posters etc to promote the message that walkways must be always used, Led by example by managers always using the paths, Introduced observation studies whereby everyone took a turn at watching at key times throughout the day (5 -10 minutes at a time) and reporting back how many people were seen using the walkways and how many were not cooperating, Fed back to all teams the results, rewarding the successes whilst following up on the persistent non-conformers. Behavioural safety (bhav) programmes aim to improve safety by changing the behaviour of workers. ... 100 Safety Behaviors for Social Anxiety. Whilst it is essential that staff at ground level have full involvement in a behavioural safety strategy, it must start at the top. They have done something the wrong way for so long that they are not conscious of the behaviour or of its potential consequences. Initiatives that will be introduced the coming months to achieve these objectives and everyone’s contribution in meeting these. This will include focus on positive behaviours and potentially reward for those individuals or teams who have shown the most changed behaviours. Registered in England, No. Be careful at this point not to become too enthusiastic and change too much too quickly. If a coworker is observed performing a behavior unsafely, a check goes in the “unsafe” column. Start instead with a few (2 or 3) key behaviours and embed these first – it’s not what you start that counts, but what you finish! Basically, BBS is a method of avoiding human error and improving workplace safety by observing and analyzing employees’ behavior while they work. safety is the application of behavioral research on human performance to the problems of safety in the workplace. For example, to a forklift operator you might say, “Thank you for driving slowly around that corner and using your horn to warn others.” Avoid generalizations such as, “Thanks for driving the forklift carefully.” Deliver feedback on performance immediately after the behavior or as soon after the behavior as possible. This means in practice that staff follow what they think senior managers want. This book is a very useful first introduction to Behavioural Safety, and a good reference book for those already involved. When you give employees feedback about safe behavior, be specific about what you observed. Ensure it includes simple language to explain: Introduce a combination of initiatives to promote the change. When putting BBS into action within the workplace, it’s important that EHS managers properly select and observe employee behavior. Email: enquiries@phsc.co.uk, Copyright © PHSC 2020. This is easy to implement and with little or no cost. Provide regular feedback. safety behaviour. Positive reinforcement highlights your commitment to improvement and helps to reward your teams and increase motivation to continue working on changing long-lived habits. We initiated a behavioural-based safety approach by: Within a month of actively following this process, there were almost zero incidents where people were seen walking through the short cut. © 2020 BLR®—Business and Legal Resources 100 Winners Circle, Suite 300, Brentwood, TN 37027 800-727-5257 All rights reserved. Observation studies where everyone takes turns in watching other teams/colleagues to identify how often the safe behaviour is followed or breached. Personnel Health & Safety Consultants Ltd. 31 Rochester Road, Aylesford, Kent ME20 7PR. Learn more! This can be demonstrated in a simple example we recently encountered. Human factors: Behavioural safety . An introduction into behavioural safety training for executives and directors will be needed so they understand the business case for behavioural safety, the process for introducing a behavioural approach and the benefits it can bring. Example of Behavioural Safety at Work. They will need to appreciate the time and resource commitment as well as their own emotional and behavioural commitment to make it a success. This can be demonstrated in a simple example we recently encountered. When you observe an employee engaging in unsafe behavior, you must give corrective feedback. This should be achieved by a combination of senior leadership and observation of the rules / procedures that are routinely broken. Despite this, many organizations and safety professionals are still unsure exactly what Behavioural Safety really is. He demonstrated his point using a line of dominos to show the chain reaction between a person’s background / behaviours and how this causes unsafe situations and actions, resulting in loss. There is a wide range of programmes available, but they generally involve the definition of safe / unsafe behaviours, observations of behaviours and feedback / reinforcement of behaviours. In recent years there has been an increase in the use of behavioural safety or behaviour modification approaches to safety. Be specific and focus on the correct behavior only—don’t discuss other behaviors. If you liked this blog post and think your organisation may benefit from it an introduction to behavioural safety, please visit our course page: “Introduction to Behavioural Safety“, Tel: 01622 717700


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