Buy Bajaj TC 2008 Room Cooler Online at Best Price. They concentrate on offering you the most recent and the most suitable technological advancements in their air coolers. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. As over-heating doesn’t take place easily, the expected and estimated durability is higher than most other similarly priced air coolers. Low noise is among the top benefits. Due to lightweight operation, placing this cooler near your bed, sofa, or dining table will never bring inconvenience or disturbance. With the help of a 4-way air deflection system, it ensures great cooling in an area measuring 150 square feet. Bring the Bajaj Platini air cooler home and enjoy efficient cooling! A powerful air-throw at your bed level enables the DC 2016 Glacier model to makes warm restless nights cool and comfortable for you. This product is small and I received this with stretch and 1 scrow in cooler window see the photo..I am totally disappointed buying this product after 3 month use it's not work properly pump is totely not work and when I on fan its very farm and air follow is very slow or smell like plastic warn. While testing, we gathered humidity in the room using an electric humidifier and then turned on this Bajaj cooler to see in what time does it decrease the humidity. This huge cooler can be moved easily due to those little smooth castor wheels. Further, a cool and cheap solution to overcome humidity is Bajaj air cooler MD 2020. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Most air cooler models from Bajaj have castor wheels for simple moving. The low operation noise is the reason. Now, as capacity is high, you already know that you just need to fill water once, and it won’t ask for that again soon. Which is the Best Fitness Band Under 500 As Per EXPERT? The motor speed is 1350RPM, and costing a bit above 5K, that’s really appreciable. The room was very well filled with a cool breeze. Bajaj air cooler customer care number and support, Best BAJAJ Cooler Reviews: The Conclusion. there is an icebox for enhanced cooling  At such a comfortable price, Bajaj MD2020 Room Air Cooler is providing peak delivery of 3600 cubic meters per hour. On high settings, this 23L model is exceptionally powerful. Bajaj TC2007 37-Litre Air Cooler Review. The makers say this air cooler is perfect for a 600 sq.ft. The cover area is equal to Bajaj Frio. They’re corrosion safe and can tolerate exposure to water and humidity. The Final Advice! Choose from Wide Range of Room Coolers Online from Bajaj Electricals. Type Bajaj air cooler service center toll-free number – 022-4128 0000 and get rid of your Bajaj cooler related issues. As the cooler is pretty silent, you can place it in your bedroom and office, as neither it will disturb your sleep, nor interrupt you while working. The best way to beat the scorching heat this summer is to bring home a Bajaj air cooler. Three-speed controls allow you to set the airflow as per your convenience. There are 3 side cooling pads. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. Its honeycomb pads are surrounded by the blower, which increases this Bajaj cooler’s overall productivity, decreasing the energy consumption simultaneously. The Bajaj air coolers’ feature depends on their incredible air throw and distribution, which can reach almost 5600-meter cube every hour on the peak. Best BAJAJ air cooler Reviews & Price Idea 2020: Global warming has led to insane climatic changes; thus, the summers in India are of more long term as well as hotter. Bajaj offers air coolers that are suitable for different climates and geographical locations. 6.) Room, but in testing, our 750 sq.ft. In this manner, Bajaj has consolidated innovative features in their air coolers that make it simple for maintenance. As over-heating doesn’t take place easily, the expected and estimated durability is higher than most other similarly priced air coolers. The performance is impressive, and the appearance is awesome. This brand is available with products including Mixer Grinders, Irons, air coolers, Blenders, Ceiling/Pedestal/Table/Wall Fans, Gas Stoves, as well as LED Lighting. Thus, only fans in our homes & working environments don’t do the trick any longer to make an open to living feel. With Bajaj being the most prevalent brand as far as home and kitchen appliances are concerned, how can it lag behind in the in the air cooler department! Cherish the Bajaj air cooler price list 2019 & 2020! It perfectly deflects air in all four directions. The air cooler has cooling media on three sides that enable it to give an enhanced cooling performance. The Bajaj DC 2016 Glacier provides an air throw of 90 feet, which makes it suitable for residences, restaurants, large halls, offices, and banks. The Final Advice! It's super much noise... excellent product. Inverter capability, Four-way air deflection, 3-way speed control, and quiet performance make this cooler entire worth purchase. Bajaj gives you the highest efficiency as well as performance while keeping in mind limitations such as consumption and electricity bills. Thermoplastic material is used for constructing this cooler, meaning that it will last long. You can customize the air throw level the way you want. Rusting is never an issue here, and cleaning is never a hassle. Yes, we highly recommend Bajaj Glacier DC2016. After knowing Bajaj air cooler models and prices, let’s discuss each cooler deeply. Cheaper than an air-conditioner with lower operating costs, the range of air-coolers from Bajaj is sure to keep you and your family cool this summer season. The addition of the handy drain plug in certain models allows stagnant water’s systematic drainage from the system. Keeping this cooler clean and stagnation free is very easy. It’s so due to the motor overload protection feature. Use the drain plug to remove all wastewater from it. The water level indicator shows when to fill water. Due to compact size, it’s suitable for offices and dorms also. It’s vital you keep checking your cooling pads’ condition. If your room measures around 150-200 sq. Skin irritation because of profuse sweating is one more commonality. The air delivery of the Platini PX97 model is 1300 meter cube per hour, and that’s amazing! Through motorized louver movement it ensures 4-way air deflection. The effective honeycomb cooling pads do a tremendous job. Equipped with features like high air delivery and big water tank, the air coolers offer sustained and effective cooling. Even after being so silent, the power generation of this air cooler is amazing! Some might say that the air throwing mouth of this cooler is small, but it has its own benefits. The cover area is equal to Bajaj Frio. Then buy Glacier DC2016 Desert for attaining relief. As the pads of Bajaj air coolers are easily removable, cleaning them will a breeze. The advanced cooling technology of this cooler ensures that the whole room is cooled silently, ensuring high comfort and peace. Prime members enjoy unlimited free, fast delivery on eligible items, video streaming, ad-free music, exclusive access to deals & more. Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36L Air Cooler Review. The Crompton Greaves Ozone Desert Air Cooler is among the counted air coolers, which managed to earn over 80% success rate on Amazon. It’s shock-proof, lightweight, and resistant to corrosion. Its honeycomb pads are surrounded by the blower, which increases this Bajaj cooler’s overall productivity, decreasing the energy consumption simultaneously. Engineered thermoplastic material is used for designing the Bajaj Platini PX97 air cooler, which makes it rust-free and durable. That’s amazing capacity at this price. This cooler is suitable for all climate types. Most importantly, even after throwing air continuously for long, overheating won’t touch Platini PX97. As the air throwing capacity is high, it cools bigger size halls much faster than other similar air coolers do. There much to enjoy besides marvelous wind current and air toss limit in this cooler, making it a very suitable purchase. Hence, we find Crompton Greaves Ozone Desert Air Cooler ex Crompton Greaves Ozone Desert Air Cooler exceptionally suitable at that price. The efficient 4-way deflection swing of Bajaj air coolers allows uniform airflow all through the air and also offers the unique bed-level airflow function. The Final Advice! Why should You Buy? Can you believe, by spending below 7000 rupees, you’re getting 54 Litres capacity in a cooler! As the air throwing capacity is high, it cools bigger size halls much faster than other similar air coolers do. You can edit your question or post anyway. This quiet performer deflects air in four ways. The float valve works perfectly, ensuring a dependable valve shut-off in this cooler and constant water level. Hi Balwant, please accept our apology for the issue faced with our product, request you to call 022-41280000 / 1800 102 5963 and give us a chance to resolve your grievance.


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