I am wondering your thoughts on baking the day before and event and how to store them. Tater Bombs. So creative. I NEEDED to see more on this, checked back all through the day yesterday, still….site was down!! I would recommend spraying your grate/rack with oil spray. The holidays feel even more special this year and I’m really making an effort to do everything. Thanks for the awesome idea, I have a strong feeling it will be a winner on Saturday! So creative!!! Made these for a church gathering today. And along with their ease, they’re also way too good. These are SO good!! Thank you Kristen! Easy, and really really great! I made these for a Polar Bear Plunge party we hosted on New Year’s Day. EGG PUFFS. Do you think they’d work just as well with shredded mozzarella cheese? Happy Thanksgiving! Should the cheese be on the inside? These were insanely good! Am I missing something? I made them for my family today for thanksgiving, and I kinda wanted to eat them all myself! I basically made them right before leaving and let them cool on the racks a bit then wrapped them in tinfoil to take along. Dust a rolling pin lightly with flour and roll the rolling pin over the cheese, gently pressing the cheese into the pastry. 5. Serve warm or room temp. Should I refrigerate them or is it fine to store in an air tight container? Oh man, I am SO sorry!! Thank you so much for the recipe! Thank you so much Carla! Love this app! ? I am going to make these for a Super Bowl get together! The secret to these twists is the sweet and savory mix of brown sugar and fresh rosemary that coats the bacon. I am so glad you loved this recipe! xTieghan. Wow and yum! (: Hope to hear more from you when you try others! So cute. . These look amazing! xTieghan, After rolling the cheese into the TWO pastry sheets your video shows you cut the sheets then into 12 strips, right? Made this for a New Year’s Eve Party – It was a huge hit! Let me know if you have other questions. Your food is always so beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration! I hope you love the recipe, please let me know if you have any other questions. thank you for posting the recipe. So so good! Apricot-Glazed Bacon Spirals. I was determined to try these! Sweet and Savory Cheesy Bacon Wrapped Puff Pastry Twists…the holiday appetizer that everyone asks for…year after year. Love the extra sugar rosemary roll at the end. I then coated the twist again with egg before dipping in the brown sugar so it would stick. I so far have tried you cheesy potato stacks and your cheesy bacon wrapped twists and they are both delectable!! Some of them stuck, but a spatula helped to free them. If it where me, I would just make them a few days ahead and keep them in the fridge, but like I said, the baking and freezing option will work get too. I baked mine for 40 mins and they were sufficiently crispy. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!! , About 2 days ahead. Ah, thats so awesome! Hi! You can’t really go wrong with these ingredients. Wrap with bacon and bake at 400 degrees F, flipping halfway, until crisp, 30 minutes. Can these be made ahead? loved the salty sweet crunchy combo … a keeper. I am so happy to hear this! It almost looks like a picnic table. Once baked, you’ll have a cheesy pastry, wrapped in sweet candied bacon. Tis’ the season for all the appetizers and holiday cheer. I also have your book too. The only thing I was lacking was a rack for my pan so if you find yourself in this situation, I improvised and rolled section of foil to make my own “rack”. They traveled well too and tasted great at room temperature. The HBH Studio Barn: Kitchen and Downstairs Bath Plans. Is there anything better than bacon and cheese puff pastry? Wow that is so amazing! You can assemble these mini bites ahead of time, then just bake them up once guests arrive. Above all, I love to hear from you guys and always do my best to respond to each and every comment. issues. Freaking genius, Tieghan. I am a new follower and I can honestly say that no other food website inspires me as much as yours!! And of course, if you do make this recipe, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram! Sorry I have never used an air fryer so I am unsure of the results. So happy to hear that! Awesome recipe! They also a little messy and didn’t look the best to me; however, once out of the oven they looked just as good as they tasted.


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