His mother became very sick and he had to step to the hospital to take care of her. I asked for prayers to Our Blessed Lady that my friend Simone's eyesight would be healed. I asked my teenage daughter what she saw in the sky and she said she saw a cross! Thank you Denis and Cathy for all the work you do with MaryTV. Kris Ohio, On my return home from Medjugorje in May 2017, I was bereft and deeply longed to return to Medjugorje - I sorely missed the peace that I experienced in Medjugorje. I had been going to mass and attending Eucharistic adoration previous to this but I felt ostracised within my church and community (because of this sin) and that made it difficult to attend, I often hid where no one could see me and having been almost refused communion once by a lay person was afraid when going to receive. She did tell me how much she learned from Mike. I couldn’t belief it! We as his children need to believe and trust in him always. I was so happy to be there! Thank you Mike Nolan and Marytv because I can say that I have profoundly and radically changed by coming home again to Medjugorje in a new way with Pilgrim Path and a beautiful group of people from teens to older adults whom Our Lady seemed to handpick for our journey. In school the teachers teach us, since we are very young children, not to believe in God, they teach that God, Faith, prayers are superstitions." I am praying for your Family and special intentions. The music, singing and praying was such that the sheer sense of joy was so tangible, one could almost touch it. Just a quick testimonial as to how very blessed I have been from the 36th Anniversary Novena to celebrate Our Lady's coming to Medjugore. On Sunday, October 15th, my Mum called me to say she was on her afternoon walk and was witnessing the miracle of the Sun. I hope you have a Blessed & Peaceful Christmas and a Safe New Year! To me a lovely surprise and miracle. Women started pouring into our Pregnancy Help Center until finally, after only two months, the Planned Parenthood had to relocate. Members of our new Spiritual Life Commission were at each of the four entrances with a basket filled with saint cards. I stabbing pains in hands and feet Also in this difficult time God’s love sends me to you. Thank you Denis and Cathy for all the work you do with MaryTV. Ave Maria, gratia plena!! Our Lady Appeared to the Visionaries at Her usual time, approximately during the 4th Decade of the Sorrowful Mysteries, followed by the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; then the Glorious Mysteries. Through the conversations and the silences with my spiritual director I have been able to explore and reflect where God was in all those events in my life I mentioned earlier. ever feel distressed during your day, call upon our Lady. And my husband, who had a little hesitation, thanked me so much for encouraging him to come. Like he truly is with us intimately in the Eucharist in our very angle of suffering. But with the courage and strength and motivation I got from listening to Mary Tv, I was able to successfully finish 2 complex project while I was suffering with post partum depression. He did however loose his foot to the bad infection but his life was saved and he learned that life is a gift even if you have to learn how to walk with a prosthetic. After a week or more of total frustration, I finally asked for your prayer to find my glasses. On the second day of my pilgrimage I went to the 10am Mass in English in the Church of St James in the small rural village in the valley between the hills. You can also make out a check or money order to MARY TV and mail to: Mary TVP.O. You are blessed among all women as the mother of Jesus. I cried so much for them. Become part of Mary TV’s mission for Our Lady! I like to tell people that I know that Jesus saved me, but he sent his Mom to rescue me through Medjugorje, and she did in a big way. I am continually amazed at how God is so concerned with each one of us and hears each of our prayers. Thank you, Mateńko. On my 3rd visit to Medjugorje June 22, went to the rising Christ garden, able to touch the oil oozing from the knee of Rising Jesus. I am most thankful for this community. ,+JMJ+ VIGIL OF ASCENSION THURSDAY c.1991-2? We also must keep praying for conversion, because even God can not interfere in men decisions. Our priest, Fr Drew, even had an evening of payer and healing for us. I treasure every single prayer and petition said for I believe they all made a difference but I wonder if God allowed this to happen on that weekend of great prayer, to these parents who have grown with every sorrow and struggle in faith,hope and love of their neighbor, who had a mother whom He knew would run to the Mother in Medjugorje for help and also that the 4th prayer in the Novena of Surrender(said every day at the end of the rosary on Mary TV) would be prayed surrendering Daniel to God's Will completely, to shine a light on Mamma Mary in Medjugorje and pointing every soul to the complete surrender to the Will of God where we are all safe. Thank you all for praying. I asked for prayers to Our Blessed Lady that my friend Simone's eyesight would be healed. I thought that it was amazing but I was on my way to adoration and I didn't want to be too sidelined as it was not anything as wonderful as the Host that I was on my way to see.. First and foremost, I wish to tell my story to honor of Our Lady Queen of Peace and Her Precious Son Jesus. Thanks too to Denis and Cathy for the prayer verse: “O Jesus, I surrender myself to you; Take care of everything” which I heard first time on your channel few days ago. Had looked for them for several days! Please continue to protect them as the fires still continue to burn. I had excused it because I had gotten up during the night and thought, "I need my sleep." I truly want as many people as poss to know about Marytv. Father Shamus suffered for a long time with a family illness which caused paralyses and blindness. At about 6.30 pm I went to confession to the sanctuary, at the end of the confession I felt very well, as if suspended from the ground and I could not wait to recite the rosary of the "seven sorrows" the same evening. She is in recovery, from the surgery, and healing. Staff Prayer Ritual in the week of the Assumption of Mary: Detail We Gather Welcome & Introduction Leader: This week, we affirm our belief that Mary is now in Heaven. They were too young to realize what was happening but when they pointed out the "bird" in the sky with colors, my grandmother dropped to her knees and exclaimed, "That is the Holy Spirit." Glory be to the Lord, thanks. And, especially to me! I did not really expect anything to happen as a result. I catch the kids at Father Lopez Catholic High School Thank you for prayers answered! Now everyday I go to see the Prayer Requests and I pray for all the requests on first page: I read one by one, after I read each one I pray : "Jesus, help her/him/them", and I click on "I prayed for you", and so on, till the last one of the first page, at least, because I think this is so, so important, so people can know there is someone with them, praying for them. Martina Zappaterra. But I must share with my shipmates two most recent "acts of love" by our Mother and her precious, sweet Son. I felt like I was there again! The day I went to Medugorje, it was August 17th, following a week spent in Croatia. I am so deeply grateful and hope one day, I am able to visit the spiritual center of the world: to be anywhere She, His Mother is! Cathy Nolan Through this relationship, I realized how very selfish I was being all the while with the Rosary in hand! Credit Card / ACH Bank Donation:Best for INSIDE USA and Canada. I felt very joyful when Cathy said this month you/we will be praying for all those who do not know God, Jesus, the Holy Mother, THANK YOU SO MUCH! One of my requests to Our Lady was to pray for a friend in NSW who had to flee her home with her husband because of catastrophic fires. When I come on line at night I see the Cross on the moutain lit up. I, then smelled for a brief instant, roses. Mary is carrying out God’s plan. She asked me if I would pray for her daughter, Hannah, who has sever mental problems. There is no money that could possibly pay back Mary’s TV enhancement of our spiritual lives. That night I couldn't sleep, because I kept thinking about the image of the Madonna. Now, it is not a question for me of is God present in my life but rather where is God leading me in this or that situation. This is the second time traveling to this special place. Note: if you could put a little more zoom to see it closer would be appreciated, thank you very much. Going down we went to the "Blue Cross" and in front of this cross I began to say some prayers (but 2 or 3) so as not to distract in front of those who prayed deeply.


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