The Nielsen Company reported that almost three in four Millennials (73%) and Generation Z consumers (72%) are willing to pay more for sustainable products and services, and notes that consumer brands demonstrating a commitment to sustainability outperform those that don’t. Fur is literally an animal’s coat still attached to his or her skin. This archaic and cruelly obtained material is finally fading into the past, so get your paws on some fuzzy faux-fur fashions. We never considered the impact of these actions on the animals involved. Leather is the skin of animals, such as cows, pigs, goats, kangaroos, ostriches, cats, and dogs. Other feathers are also used to decorate clothing and accessories. These days, vegan shearling and cozy cruelty-free sweaters can be found on many store shelves. Down is the soft layer of feathers closest to a bird’s skin, and down stolen from geese and ducks hides in some puffy jackets, pillows, and bedding. Our policies apply to all species used in our Own Brand products and are implemented through our Woolworths Supplier Excellence Audit program which covers all business units. Anyone who has ever seen worms startle when their dark homes are uncovered must acknowledge that these animals are sensate—they produce endorphins and have a physical response to pain. Sheep grow just enough wool to protect themselves from temperature extremes, and they don’t need humans to shear them. With pioneering spirit and an innate connection to the land, the Glanbia Ireland Co-Op of farmers hold a deep passion for the power of grass fed dairy and pasture-based farm management. Silk is also said to be the second worst environmental offender in the fashion industry, right behind leather. We will seek suppliers that share our values and are working toward common goals. The definition did not require the improved living conditions for the animals that most consumers would expect of the claim, such as access to pasture or range. This site uses cookies to improve our site and provide content and ads that might interest you. Snakes, alligators, crocodiles, and other reptiles are considered “exotic” in the fashion industry—they’re killed, and their skins are made into handbags, shoes, and other items. What does Responsible Mean? Wool is the hair from a lamb or sheep, while shearling is the skin of a lamb with the fleece still attached. Animal Welfare Approved. Regardless of whether they’re chinchillas, dogs, foxes, or raccoons, these animals are capable of feeling pain, fear, and loneliness—and they don’t deserve to be tortured and killed for a fur-trimmed jacket. We comply with all applicable FDA guidelines, including those related to the use of antibiotics in animal based protein. Consumer demand for verified sustainable and welfare-certified products has steadily increased — especially among millennials. PETA’s Guide to Cruelty-Free Razors and Other Shaving Products, ‘Orange’ You Glad? By using this site, you consent to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. If you’re looking for silk-free underwear, WAMA Underwear uses hemp as an alternative. Truly Grass Fed ingredients are also Non-GMO Project Verified and rBST-free. To be part of bringing a suite of products to consumers carrying the Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW seal — where they can make a positive choice — is particularly special.”, St Johns (MI, USA) announced as preferred location for major new cheese and whey production facility, Glanbia Cheese JV to build new €130 million mozzarella facility in Portlaoise, Glanbia Nutritionals showcases new bar and beverage technologies at IFT 2014, Glanbia Ingredients Ireland awarded Green Food & Beverage Award at Green Awards 2015, Quota removal: a generational opportunity for Ireland, Glanbia Nutritionals showcases creativity with innovative prototypes at Vitafoods Europe, Glanbia announces 2016 member support package of at least €35m, Glanbia Nutritionals offers probiotic in Europe, Glanbia Nutritionals launches complete solutions suite of ingredients at FiE 2015, Next-generation sports nutrition solutions, Glanbia Ingredients Ireland opens milk protein plant in Virginia, Co Cavan. Most major brands offer animal-free leather these days, from affordable options from stores such as Top Shop and Zara to high-end designers such as Stella McCartney and bebe. We are committed to the highest standards of food safety in our restaurants, bakeries and shoppes. Producers are rated on a six-tier scale, from Step 1 to Step 5+. While thoughtfully implementing changes in the supply chain will take time, we commit our ongoing cooperation, working with our suppliers, to effect impactful […] While FOCUS Brands is not directly involved in raising, transporting or processing broiler chickens, we are committed to working closely with suppliers to evaluate new techniques and emerging technologies to ensure the humane treatment of chickens throughout the production process. Here’s a quick and easy guide to help you identify the cruel materials in your closet so that you can purchase animal-free, vegan clothing and accessories the next time you shop. Natural dairy ingredient brand “Truly Grass Fed” is now Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW. If you love puffy jackets, check out this list of some of our favorite down-free jackets to keep you cozy. High-fashion designers, including Joshua Katcher of Brave GentleMan and Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart of VAUTE, are teaming up with manufacturers to create innovative, high-quality cruelty-free materials. While thoughtfully implementing changes in the supply chain will take time, we commit our ongoing cooperation, working with our suppliers, to effect impactful positive changes in the humane treatment of animals. Whether it’s from cows, cats, or snakes, no animals need to die so that humans can wear their skin. ", "When food manufacturers use dairy from these farms in their recipes and formulas, they will earn the right to use the Truly Grass Fed seal on their products to emphasise their commitment to top-quality dairy with a conscience.”, Wayne Copp, Executive Director for A Greener World Europe, says: “We are delighted to work closely with Irish farmers and their co-operative Glanbia Ireland. Nylon, milkweed-pod fibers, silk-cotton tree and ceiba tree filaments, polyester, and rayon are animal-free, easy to find, and usually less expensive than silk. A recent study by The Hartman Group reveals that “avoiding inhumane treatment of animals” outranks nearly every other attribute important to purchasing decisions, second only to quality. “Almost all of us grew up eating meat, wearing leather, and going to circuses and zoos. No matter how silk or feathers were obtained, they belong to the animals who made them. Look for “vegan leather” on clothing, shoe, and accessory tags. 12-Sep-2018 . By using this site, you consent to our use of cookies as described in our, Source only chicken breeds approved as having higher welfare outcomes, Source only chickens that are given improved space to reduce stocking density, Provide improved living environment to include lighting, litter, and enrichment, Process all chickens more humanely through a multi-step, controlled-atmosphere processing system, Demonstrate compliance with the above standards via third-party audits. Our vendor qualification and quality assurance processes are designed to ensure we are sourcing animal proteins, including poultry, dairy and egg products from responsible suppliers who meet our standards and apply industry best practices as it relates to animal welfare. Gucci and Michael Kors also recently banned fur, and Norway has issued a total ban on fur farming, following the example of many other countries. ", "Their vision and enthusiasm for sustainable farming and high standards of animal welfare has impressed us from the very start of this project. Our goal is by 2024, to do the following per GAP’s higher welfare standards: We understand that science, industry and standards in the area of farming and animal welfare will be updated as time goes on. Animals killed for fur include bears, beavers, cats, chinchillas, dogs, foxes, minks, rabbits, raccoons, seals, and others. Nylon, milkweed-pod fibers, silk-cotton tree and ceiba tree filaments, polyester, and rayon are animal-free, easy to find, and usually less expensive than silk. Often, leather items aren’t labeled accurately, so you never really know where (or whom) they came from. Yet in the wool industry, their ears are hole-punched and their tails are chopped off and males are castrated—all without any pain relief. Nicola O’Connell, Head of Marketing, says: “Truly Grass Fed is about bringing great dairy to our customers which is also third-party welfare-certified and grass fed verified. Glanbia Ireland is striving to make Truly Grass Fed the Gold Standard of dairy. All rights reserved.


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