The Black Book presupposes that you already have the skills down, and then shows you how to apply them on the ACT. We also know that it's important to prep in a way that's customized to you as a student, celebrates your authentic learning style, and doesn't feel tedious or boring. It's really important. Now for the downsides of Barron's Premium ACT. The Best Degree was founded by a group of scholars to guide prospective students through entry test preparation and help applicants make the right choice of test prep courses and materials. Since the practice questions aren't official, they aren't the best representation of real ACT questions. A particular strength of this ACT prep book is that it walks you through solving the problems from beginning to end, which can aid your thinking when you're taking the real test. Students can access online videos tutorials for further explanation on topics in the book and receive customized multi-week study plans. When you purchase The Official ACT Prep Guide, you will receive five full-length past ACT exams to be used as practice exams. You'll have to move beyond this book to make sure you can identify the skill without it being pre-labeled in the book. It is helpful for learning and drilling all the grammar rules, but not sufficient as a source of practice questions. The answer explanations to the practice problems are not as thorough as they could be. It discusses 50 critical math skills you need for the ACT, along with sample questions illustrating each concept. Some concepts are critiqued for going beyond what is need for the ACT and being more difficult. The book offers proven test taking strategies for students to apply on their test day. This book clearly states important grammar rules and math concepts you need to know, while suggesting thought processes to use when taking the test. A large quantity of test prep materials to allow students options in how they learn and what they focus on. This book would best be used to review concepts alongside the Red Book and another source of practice questions. Another weakness of this book has to do with the answer explanations. Scoring and analysis for one practice test offers feedback and guidance in future test preparation. ACT Prep Black Book: The Most Effective ACT Strategies. Each lesson is followed by multiple choice questions with answer explanations. If you’re still nervous after all that, tips for reducing test anxiety and finding an optimal test-taking mindset are offered to help students as well. We love this book because it cuts to the chase and gets us to the solutions we need in an effort to reduce the amount of time spent on each question. Read more user reviews on Amazon. For more pieces of advice, you can check out her blog, The Critical Reader. According to the author, Mike Barrett, the ACT is a predictable test that uses the same template year after year. While Barron's is very comprehensive, this thoroughness might also be a drawback for some students. This book also stands out for its commitment to individualizing and optimizing test review. It's probably not the book that will push motivated students into the top percentile of scores. The thorough, traditional style of this book students may find themselves having a hard time staying engaged. However, this books shows you how to identify every trick in ACT Science and learn how to avoid getting fooled by them so you can find the correct answer quickly and more easily. Some go beyond the test in terms of the concepts they test, while others are just worded in an overly complex way. Barron’s Test Prep offers easy, medium, and hard practice passages that you can choose from based on your needs and abilities. ACT Prep Black Book: The Most Effective ACT Strategies, 4. Barron’s ACT Flash Cards have 400 cards that cover all five sections of the ACT. Answer explanations do not match the thoroughness of other books. Kaplan’s ACT Prep Plus offers a full year of access to online test prep material. It includes a list of every science fact you could be tested on, so you're only studying the science information you need to know. While Barron's and Princeton Review cover all aspects of ACT prep, the ACT Black Book is more narrow in its focus. It's written by test-takers who share their experiences and understand what the entire process is like. This leads to a dense read that may be less engaging and requires students to really apply themselves. That way one can make up for any content, strategy, or practice questions that might be lacking in another. And since practice tests are an important part of ACT prep, that's a great thing! First the book will thoroughly review all the math concepts you need to know while taking the ACT. Ultimate Guide to the Math ACT is divided in to two sections. Are you looking to pay special attention to the math section of the ACT? To make sure you're prepping effectively and learning the skills you need to know, I would recommend exploring all your test prep options.


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