So start learning to use things like bends, vibrato, hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides that enhance the vocal element of your playing. The next thing I want to talk about is a concept I use in meandering called the “Rhythm Pyramid.” When we think of a pyramid, we picture a large base that tapers off into a small top. BA1 1UA. Achieving Absolute Fretboard Mastery, Part 3. Listen to some of your favorite guitarists and learn how they use their effects to augment whatever solos they are playing on their guitar. This way once you’re ready to use the blue note to create a lick or a solo you’ll know with absolute certainty where your blue notes are located across the entire fretboard. Which brings us to today’s lesson! Whether it’s a melody or a rhythm, repetition gives listeners an opportunity to latch onto the music you are playing. Over the last 30 years, he has taught thousands of students, including established touring musicians, and released numerous video guitar lesson courses via established publishers. So what I want you to do is look at rhythm like a pyramid. And this is exactly what we learned with chord chasing and note chasing. So what I want you to do for now is to start using this blue note when meandering in your minor pentatonic scales. The second aspect I want you to focus on in this category is your phrasing. Legendary teacher Steve Stine created this year-long series for Lessonface and GuitarWorld in 2014. I do this because I’ve learned that simplifying the notes across the fretboard can make things easier for students to master them. And if you’ve followed the series from the very beginning (If you haven’t, start here and be sure to check out all the previous parts of this lesson). For those of you who don’t know, the "blue note" is a single note we add into our pentatonic major or minor to turn them into blues scales. Think of the story that you’re trying to tell through your solos and use your dynamics to make listeners feel this story. A resident of Fargo, North Dakota, today he is more accessible than ever before through the convenience of live online guitar lessons at You see, it’s always great to acquire knowledge, but that knowledge becomes redundant if you don’t know how to apply it. Welcome to Part 10 of my Absolute Fretboard Mastery series. This is also called a flat fifth. Another thing you will notice at this point is that when you continue down this scale into the next octave, you’ll also come across the octave of the blue note. If you look at a guitarist like Joe Satriani or Steve Vai or Yngwie Malmsteen, you’ll notice how their hands just seem to dance across the fretboard without looking at it. What we’re really doing as guitarists is making our instruments sing. For example, when you play a pentatonic scale, do you understand the notes you’re playing? When doing this, you’ll notice how things are starting to sound more and more musical. There was a problem. Receive news and offers from our other brands? So far, we’ve learned things like the notes across our fretboard, the pentatonic shapes, pentatonic expansions and CAGED chord shapes. Start with part 1, and move on to a new lesson once a month (or whenever you're ready). Once you’ve done this, you can start memorizing this note in the five positions of all other major pentatonic scales. All rights reserved. Over the last 27 years, he has taught thousands of students, including established touring musicians, and released numerous video guitar lesson courses via established publishers. Up next, note chasing and chord chasing. You know, at the end of the day, it’s not the theoretical understanding or the techniques that make a great guitar player. STEVE STINE Review video, materials, and discussion at Full Length Guitar Course: Guitar 101 with Dmitri Shapira. Shares (Image credit: Cindy Moorhead) Steve Stine, highly sought-after guitar educator, teaches live group and private classes at For example, if we were to solo in the key of A minor, one of our target notes would be A. Applying the Modes Instead, focus on strengthening your ability to utilize intervals. Absolute Fretboard Trainer displaying a note : You won't need any more those "chord charts" or "fretboard charts". As far as guitar playing goes, whatever we play on the instrument is based on pitch and rhythm. For example, if you can’t immediately see all your pentatonic shapes when you look down at your fretboard, revisit that knowledge area and relearn in until you’re absolutely sure of it. And sometimes when it comes to guitar playing, a massive body of knowledge can be confusing to draw from and organize when creating music. A resident of Fargo, North Dakota, today he is more accessible than ever before through the convenience of live online guitar lessons at And then start experimenting yourself. So the first thing I want you to focus on is your visual mastery of the fretboard. The last thing I want you to do this month, which relates to the technical side of things, is go back to a video of mine on called Three Steps to Shred: Fundamental Daily Practice Techniques in About 15 Minutes and start incorporating its techniques into your daily practice. Thank you for signing up to Guitar World. When we think about creating phrases in a guitar solo or passage, we can use pauses or complete stops. Get up to speed with Guitar 101. The beauty of learning these various aspects of guitar theory is that in the end it all comes together to form a beautiful mosaic of sorts that makes your understanding of the instrument so much more holistic. Absolute Fretboard Mastery, Part 1: Meandering. Be brutally honest here and address any visual “black holes” you might have. Achieving Absolute Fretboard Mastery, Part 2. This is what I want to elaborate on today. Maybe Absolute Fretboard Mastery Learn and master as broad an array of techniques that you can so that when you do create your own music, you don’t ever have a disconnect with what you want to play and your actual ability to play it. Next, what we’re going to do is to learn add the blue note to the major pentatonic scale. But what we can do is introduce the blue note in conjunction with other notes in the key of A minor to add a lot of color to our licks. Visualize this: When we move up our rhythm pyramid, we’re going twice as fast as the earlier count; or, in other words, using phrases that are half the size. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors?


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