They have tips to help caregivers understand and cope with changed behaviors. Try to understand the emotion of the person with dementia and then address that. Support groups are useful to discuss problems and share ideas. Doctors may give anti-psychotics even when they are not needed. What to expect from the NHS and social services. Do some behaviours happen at a certain time of day? Maybe this is because the person doesn’t recognize the people, or cannot follow the conversation, or does not know or remember where the bathroom is. A person with dementia may get up repeatedly during the night, unaware that it's night time. Anti-psychotics should be used only if required. Some other health problem may have happened because the person forgot to take the medicine or skipped a checkup. One distress is detected using such a tool then ABC charts can help determine the potential cause of the distress which may be physical pain/discomfort, psychosocial or emotional or a combination of these. Does the behaviour pose danger for the resident or others? In this case, find a professional in your area who has a background in applied behavior analysis or positive behavior support. The 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for People Who Have Alzheimer Disease, Other Dementias, and Memory Loss by Nancy L Mace, Peter V Rabins. This can be distressing for both the person with dementia and those who care for them. Use ABC charts to try to identify possible triggers for any behaviours that challenge; Try alternative therapies such as aromatherapy, music, dance, doll therapy etc; Try to assess if the person with dementia is in any pain, as this may be the cause of some behaviours that challenge due to the inability to express this. • Chennai, Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) Written in a very honest and helpful way, this book gives a deep and realistic understanding of behaviour changes at an emotional level. You may find it helpful to remember that these behaviours may be a way of trying to communicate how they're feeling. Check if person is in pain or unwell. See the full list of suggested books at: Books on dementia and care or surf or for your specific needs. Most of these contain tools and tips for handling difficult behavior. But they are not ready for so many changed behaviors. They cannot control their emotions. डिमेंशिया: एक गंभीर समस्या (सिर्फ “भूलने” की बीमारी नहीं), पार्किंसन रोग और डिमेंशिया (Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia), डिप्रेशन (अवसाद) और डिमेंशिया (Depression and Dementia), डिमेंशिया के मुख्य प्रकार (भाग 4): अल्ज़ाइमर रोग, डिमेंशिया के मुख्य प्रकार (भाग 3): फ्रंटो-टेम्पोरल डिमेंशिया, डिमेंशिया के मुख्य प्रकार (भाग 2): लुई बॉडी डिमेंशिया, डिमेंशिया के मुख्य प्रकार (भाग 1): संवहनी डिमेंशिया (वैस्कुलर डिमेंशिया), Difference between Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Have you just been diagnosed with dementia? Once you know the trigger, you can reduce or remove it. Techniques like reality orientation can work if the person understands explanations. You can ask some key questions to ascertain the cause of the behaviour. Please evaluate before use. They say that non-drug care approaches should be tried first. Some medicines can reduce dementia symptoms like memory loss. Use verbal and non-verbal ways of reassuring. For discussions and tips on some commonly found difficult behaviors, read: Special tips for wandering, incontinence, repetitions, sundowning). Touch and massage can also be considered. Tell me more about her.” This acknowledges the person’s emotional need for his sister. If so, it is a behavior of concern. They don’t ask about side-effects. Here you look at a particular behavior of concern. If you think the person is missing the sister, you can say: “You really miss your sister, don’t you?


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