Do check all these and visit a doctor too as it could be due to many reasons. Sing to her , talk to her and meanwhile feed her. Those fruits and vegetables can feel like the toughest things to work into a diet, but they're vital nutritionally. Hi Sangeetha, my baby turned 9 months. The food given during snack should be light or lesser in quantity so that it won’t interfere with your baby’s breastfeeding and main meals. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Hello Sangeeta, you have written 1/4 to 1/2 cup grains a day for 9 month old. Avoid giving packet chips, biscuits and heavy foods during snack time. When doing so always give your baby time to understand the new texture and let him decide if he is ready and can handle thick consistency foods. When the baby’s tummy is full he will turn his face away from spoon, spit food or start playing with it. 4 times food for 9 months old baby is too high to digest ? Its not that he will not eat he will but only 2spoons. Give new foods or foods he hate one at a time and in small quantities. ¼ – ½ cup fruit, diced (if your child is self- feeding), ¼ – ½ cup yogurt or cottage cheese or meat, ¼ cup yogurt or diced (if child is self-feeding) fruit Water. You can read this: If your baby has started picking things with her fingers and if she is sitting without support and can chew small bites of foods, your baby is ready for finger foods. This guide is for Stage 1 and Stage 2 Baby Food Purees. Don’t force feed and let baby decide the amount of food at each meal. Snack. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! my boy baby old 9 months. Editor’s Note June 2016: This post was originally published in March 2014 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. How many meals should I give at this stage? At 9 month old you can go for thicker consistency foods and also small chewable bite sized foods that are easier for the baby to chew with his teeth/gums. Can I give him steamed Idli, without adding salt? And there are some who prefer to go the easy way and stick on to breast milk or formula as their main meal. Baby Oatmeal Cereal with Omega-3s + Antioxidants, Sweet Potato, Carrot, Cauliflower Puree with Chia Seeds, 9 Best Organic Baby Food Pouches (expert review). Certain foods are hard for a 9 month old’s tummy and should be avoided. But at the moment am struggling with my 6 month old baby taking his formulae milk.He wouldnt drink it no matter the different ways I tried..He was exclusively breastfed and I feel it’s high time he takes he start taking his formulae milk because the breast milk is not much and not flowing much to meet his demands..Pls help I want him start drinking his milk more in addition to his solids..thanks. Your email address will not be published. Sounds difficult, but not impossible . Never leave a child unattended when having finger foods. Frequent small meals every 3- 4 hours is always preferred for babies .. Roopa, did you check why bbay is crying when breastfed? Will do a post on this soon. See the following sample menu ideas for an eight- to twelve-month-old. Moisturising cream can be used which is formulated for babies, no harm. Hope you and ur little one doing good.i am following your foodcharts and tring to give variety to my 9 month old daughter.. as i mentioned in other post she was premature with low birth weight 1.58kg currently she is 6.3kg..she seems to be slow weight gain baby as per ped term.i am also giving sweet potato ,potato cheese mash,ghee,wheat almond porridge, ragi( daily ragi),banana but i dont see great result.she seems to be very tiny.. What should i do?? A great tool for at home or to send to your daycare, grandparent’s or caregiver’s house. Hi When any mother asks me what my food chart was during a specific period for Anshika, I am at ease. By the time your baby is 9 months old, they've probably moved on from exclusively breastfeeding and have tried a few different foods. Plz tell me how to prepare, Cook oats with water until its cooked properly. But fussy eating should be handled and shouldn’t be ignored. my daughter s 9 months old not eating wel.. she s thin like 6 month baby… she s avoiding breast milk too.. i started giving cows milk from this month.. not at all sleeping well.. just gve me some tips to feed her nd list of foods tat can b gvn at this stage to make her reach the rite wt…. hai am roopa .. my baby is 9 months old it opposes to drink breast milk… if I forced… it’s starts to cry… what can I do plz suggest me, any problem in future for baby it stops breast milk. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Have patience , and distract her while feeding. Hi sangeetha, Some may be bored with the same kind of food, so bring in variety. Your feedback keep us going. If your baby is not yet sitting or is not interested in working on her pincer grasp, don’t worry. Loved ur food chart for babies, can u tell me how much of food I mean quantity shud be given each time as per ur chart. You can also read why cheese and butter is fine for baby until one year, but not cow’s milk. Two servings of fruits and vegetables. So the 9 month old baby feeding schedule should include any grain, fruit, veggies, diary and a protein rich food like egg, fish, meat or legumes. If ignored thinking it is a phase, it may affect the smooth weaning. i am keerthi. Sangitaji beti 7kg ki hai aur use khilane ke liye kya karu? [720 mL] a day). One serving can be anything between ¼ to ½ cup of fruits or vegetables. n 750 and 900 calories each day, about 400 to 500 of which should come from breast milk or formula (approximately 24 oz. that can be chewed well by the baby teeth/gums. No chocolates and salt crackers or store bought crisps for snacking. As I have discussed previously in the 8-month-old food chart article, if you are pure vegetarians, you may miss out certain vitamins, minerals and proteins as some of these are mostly/exclusively found in egg, fish and meat. I included a free printable for you to print out and write down what baby is going to eat at each meal. We also provide an impressive assortment of maternity, mom and baby care products to customers all over India via our Online Store. Some may prefer fruits; some veggies while some have non-veg as their favorite. There is no doubt that breast milk is the best milk and should be the main food for the baby till he is one year. daughter os 9 mnths old…i want to know homw remwdies for vomiting. but all in vain…. This meal plan would be great used after your little one has tried several different foods. To know what spices to add in your babies diet and the quantity read the article 34 essential spices for babies with a FREE downloadable chart. Be tried the bottle but he doesn’t tAke it. So that’s the case when I can feed him the milk? When oats is cooked you can add the dates syrup/ puree and mix well.. Did you include snacks at the age of 9 months? Well we present to you the 9 month old feeding schedule with FREE downloadable sample food charts. My case Anshika didnt like the bottle at all. 1 teething biscuit or cracker. Looking to plan your baby’s meals out for the week? Try giving teh bottle / sippy cup to play ..He will get used to it . At 9 months of age you can start including a pinch of asafoetida, curry leaves, turmeric, garlic and mustard. You don’t want him starving or full when starting solids. If you wish to give formula as the main drink , you can omit the foods at that time and give only formula if you feel its too filling. Vidya, his food intake is fine. What was his birth weight? Meri beti 9 month ki hai to muje pata nahi chalta ke pure din msi woh kitana aur kitani bar khana khayengi kyu ki woh pure din mai aadhi katori khati hai to please halp me, my son is 9 month old…sangeetha please prefered better oil for babies bath…olive oil much better one.. in this age we can use moisturizing cream, is it any harmful my son’s skin…, Reji, any oil as per the season is good for babies. what shall i do for this PLS HELP ME N GIVE SOME IDEAS regarding this. I know how a breastfed baby discards solid food other than BM. A great tool for at home or to send to your daycare, grandparent’s or c… formula or breastmilk or water (If formula or breastmilk, follow with water or brush teeth afterward). Be alert always as there are chances of chocking. i was worried about whether he is insufficient in food or will the babies do this as regular. Even if the child is showing aversion towards certain type of food, try to sneak in these foods in his diet. Best Food for a Nine Month Old Baby. My baby is 10months old now.. Monisha , there is no thumb rule as to how much a baby should eat. Are these questions bothering you? Nine month old baby feeding schedule is almost same as that of an 8 month old. So we used the spoon and katori method, hi da my baby is 7mnth i try to give her moondal ,carrot,sapotta , greenpeace wit dal , al des in liquid stage but she is not interested in having it wen i feed her she ask for brestmilk in her lanuage. Babies just like us don’t like bland food; so add some spices to your baby food to increase its taste and nutritional value. Breastmilk and formula taste very different so I think that sometimes this difference is just a little too intense for some babies.


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