Couple that with a narrow profile and snappy steering, and you’ve got a sporty bike that excels where larger-bore sportbikes fear to tread. Sport and Street modes deliver the same peak power, but the throttle response in Sport is more direct. The angle of the head/cam cover interface is visible here. Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. 73 hp for a 690 single is a lot, but it hates running below 3,750 / 4,000 rpm. Finally, because it's quite compact, finding storage for a puncture kit and some extra tools is a real problem. It's great in the city as well, as it gets through ridiculously narrow spaces due to it's thin profile. Although I’m experienced enough to have modulated the rear brake as the tire chirped, the whole process was much less dramatic with the ABS stepping in for a moment to assist. The clocks change in colour depending on the light, automatically changing into an easier to read night mode. Well, all that has changed. Fuel range is 150/180 miles, depending on riding type. Sport Mode provides snappier throttle response which worked quite well in higher speed, high-rpm situations, but when the roads got really tight and technical – think lower-rpm first-gear corners – I preferred the less instantaneous transitions of Street Mode. However, the increased trail does contribute to a slightly more stable personality in higher-speed sweepers. No issues with fueling at slow speeds. The rider’s sight line is above the majority of vehicles it encounters, while the riding position and ease of maneuverability make quick work of navigating urban snarls. Having a willing engine that offers plenty of grunt in the bottom end but still ramps up the horsepower to just before redline is a great accomplice to unwinding a twisty road. I had the optional Track Pack retrofitted, which gives me three ride modes and traction control; I bought this largely for safety reasons, but my insurers whacked my premium up by 40 quid anyway! When in the market to buy min, I've seen Dukes with more than 30.000KM that were still running strong, so I guess the bike is reliable is you treat her well. Unless you are riding slowly, having a presence on the rear brake, for me, is essential for a controlled slowing down or stop. Very light and easy to handle, a surprising amount of punch from the engine, but despite the 2 ballencers it still vibrates quite a bit. Although the previous generation 690 had R-b-W, it didn’t take advantage of the electronic aids the technology makes available: ride modes and traction control. This allows for weight savings by reducing the comparatively heavy aluminum alloy of the head and replacing it with the light, 2mm-thick magnesium cover. Join the Weekly Newsletter to keep up to date on all things motorcycling. The bore has increased 3mm but the stroke has been reduced accordingly, with displacement staying the same. However, the design goals for the LC4 extended beyond these to include broadening the powerband, providing better rideability, meeting Euro 4 emissions standards, and – most importantly for a big thumper – minimizing the single-cylinder’s inherent vibration. Suspension is firm and sporty - as expected - but sublime, especially given forks are unadjustable and I am 216lbs naked. Why wasn’t this standard on both 690 models?? Around town, the 690 has always had a torque-filled bottom end, and this hasn’t changed. A single, floating 320mm front disc has the pleasure of being clamped by a radially-mounted, four-piston Brembo caliper. For the Alpine roads where I live, it's light and flickable characteristics work just fine round the curves of the mountain roads. I now have a 76-mile round trip, but JD Racing in Saltash (Cornwall) are excellent. Included in the ‘track pack’ is MSR (motor slip regulation), which prevents the rear wheel locking up on heavy downshifts, by increasing the rpm of the motor respectively. Perhaps the most noticeable change to the LC4 is the top end, which, at first glance, appears to have changed from a SOHC to a DOHC arrangement. Of course someone who is either heavier or lighter than my 190-lb. All registered in England and Wales. Adventure riders will pine for a larger gas tank and a fairing, but long-distance dual-sport riders who relish difficult off-road routes will like it just the way it is. When added to the new lightweight, more compact con-rod, the result is a decrease in the oscillating mass of the piston/crankshaft assembly. Specification. Street Mode provides smooth transitions in off-on-off-on conditions encountered during the press ride on the narrow, twisty roads of Grand Canaria island where the Duke introduction was held. Engine is excellent, ABS brakes as standard are very welcome, suspension very good as standard and the tyres are very good. The triple clamp is machined from aluminum. The stock exhaust looks and sounds good. It will turn with very little effort and will drop to foot-peg scraping angles of lean with ease. The rear disc measures 240mm with a floating single-piston caliper providing the slowing force.


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