The range are robust, hygenic and highly vandal resistant. The lockers can be easily washed with a soapy mild detergent. Recessed handles are featured on the 1, 2 and 3 tiered lockers, while the 6 tiered locker features pull hasps. Our wall thicknesses are consistent and the lockers are very aesthetically pleasing. We even have our own recycling plant that we use to create other non critical items . The doors can be made individually and if a door was vandalized you could easily replace it and not be afraid that the color of the plastic would be different shade as we only use high quality virgin material that is compound. Designed specifically for law enforcement. Steel Lockers require lots of maintenance. Click here for General Lockers Brochure or Locker Digest. See Defiant II details on page 43. Our precision workers take the utmost care of your product and our process is very economical in terms of waste, so we use almost everything in the construction and have limited off cuts. The Tiered Locker has a handle and hasp for padlock (lock not included). The team designed a layout which provided the required number of lockers in a restricted space. Powered by Shopify, Tubs/Bulkbins Insulated and Non-Insulated. Top : Flat top, top surface is flat. Recessed handle with finger-lift latch … £89.60. Do you want to have to replace old rusting 2 tier metal lockers too often which is affecting your bottom line. This Steel 2 Tier 3 Wide School Locker will not only be ideal for sports locker rooms or company changing rooms but can also add a fresh, industrial touch to the office or school. They are made using the rotational molding process. Four 10 gauge foot brackets (mounting hardware not included) and four 1" rubber cushion leveling glides. This client was looking for a strong durable locker along with being able to match theses lockers on an on-going basis.... We approached to offer a solution for our locker rooms. Each unit is molded individually at Path Plastics for a smooth and seamless look. With six separate compartments with doors, the locker … Colours: Warm Grey Textures (Single Tone) 2 Compartment per unit. Our clients come from the meat processing ,poultry processing ,fish & seafood processing , food processing , pharmaceutical and other high hygiene industries. We are manufacturing and making deliveries, School, Office ,Factory & Gym Lockers For Clothes : Path Plastics Plastic Locker better than metal, 310 x 380 x 1830 ( 1870 with adjustable feet) approx, © 2020 Path Plastics Cape Town. What is a 2 Tier Locker usually made from?, metal or wood have been used for many years. This Top Tier corridor locker is a great option for schools, healthcare facilities, and more. They are manufactured in our production facility in Cape Town, South Africa. Enquire. Overall dimensions… We selected as the provider of lockers to our new hospital. Two Tier Plastic Locker dimensions. They are engineered to promote air flow circulation, and are power ready if needed. CONTACT USDrop us a message and a member of the team will contact you as soon as possible. This Top Tier corridor locker is a great option for schools, healthcare facilities, and more. Body and shelf constructed of 20 gauge steel. Spring Loaded Positive Latch. All two tier lockers include free UK mainland delivery. Freestyle Lockers. £89.60. Multiple Tier Box Lockers Also known as "box lockers" for their compact dimensions, Penco multiple tier lockers allow numerous users in the smallest amount of floor space. Our standard colors for the plastic lockers are a grey body and blue doors but we have about twelve other standard colors that can be chosen. We found the team in extremely helpful in specifying the lockers required in terms of type, size and locking mechanism required. Recessed handles are featured on the 1, 2 and 3 tiered lockers, while the 6 tiered locker features pull hasps. supplied us with lockers for our new nursing home. Choosing the correct locker with the right colour chose was so important to the client.... Two tier zen lockers with seating and stands complete with laminated trespa doors with hasp and staple locking. What is a 2 Tier Locker usually made from?, metal or wood have been used for many years. Contact Emails footerlink. Steel lockers need to be repaired and they dent.Our lockers are dent resistant, quiet in operation, easy to clean, hygienic and look great. All box lockers come standard with this friction catch door pull handle with padlock hasp. Also our products leave a small carbon foot print as they are made using local material suppliers. As we supply many users in the food industry we make sure to use virgin material for the lockers so that their is not contamination in the product. The home came under the new requirements of HIQA and the inspector commented on the quality and specification of the lockers. 2 Tier Accommodates twice as many people as single tier lockers in the same floor space, while still providing enough room for light outer wear and personal belongings. Close. The doors have louvers so their is adequate ventilation and any smells can be taken care of with a thorough wash. Our lockers are also comparatively lighter than their metal counter parts so it is easier to carry our units on-site. Info. This locker is produced with 16 gauge doors and frames, 24 gauge bodies, and comes with 6'' legs. Height: 1800mm; Width: 325mm; Depth: 450mm; Enquire About This Product × Name * Email * Phone. Defeats prying attempts by capturing the door flange and preventing separation from the door channel. Phoenix Single 2 Door Red Locker - Key Locking. It also saves on transport cost due to the weight. The two-tier locker compartments measure 30 inches high and includes two side hooks and number plates. or 3 monthly payments of £29. Are you not tired of the same boring color options that are given in the locker storage market, well you will be pleasantly surprised with what we can offer. The plastic we use is recyclable and could be used again for other products. Louvered doors. Doors have top and bottom louvers for air ventilation. ... Phoenix Single 2 Door Grey Locker - Key Locking. Did you know that plastic can be a much better material in the long run? While we had already developed a detailed specification, the team at, with their extensive experience were able to add value to our project. The plastic is quite heat resistant so a small naked flame will not damage the material.


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